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WATCH IT: M.I.A. "XXXO" (M.I.A., dir.)

Swans, Unicorns... If only there was a Double Rainbow. This video for the new M.I.A. single "XXXO" is best described as a celebration and/or condemnation of the Internet's cheesy visual clutter, mashing up nearly every plug-in and effect out there to create a motion graphic montage that would make an Ed Hardy shirt look understated. --> watch "XXXO"


M.I.A. "XXXO" (Interscope)
M.I.A., director | Kathy Angstadt, Michelle An, Ari Weiner, Justin Si Diener, producers | Hello! / Laundry!, production co | Aaron Platt, DP | Laundry!, editor/vfx


Sharad's picture
It think you missed the joke of the video... it like those "professional" Asian wedding video graphics... one island removed from karaoke videos.
Steven Gottlieb's picture
Maybe. But it has all these online elements, like ichat bubbles and youtube player controls and references to online shorthand, etc. Definitely an Indian/Middle Eastern/Asian vibe to it all.... I dont know. Not sure how much thought we should give this.
Ruben's picture
didnt hype direct this?

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