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Cut & Run

Mumford & Sons "Ditmas" (Alex Southam, dir.)

Ditmas may be in refence to the Brooklyn neighborhood, but the view finds us in the lovely fields of the Kiev countryside with a horse-whispering warrior and a folk-turned-rock band performing in the round.

Alex Southam, director:: "The Cossack character (Evgeniy) in the video is a genuine cossack raised within a cossack community - part of his work now is to break and train horses so was the perfect subject for our film. Whilst the shoot was pretty brutal and unforgiving - particularly for our hero - we captured something really special, no more so than the moments in the final third of the video where our hero finally becomes one with the horse."

PS: Might there be a part two? Stay tuned...

Blonde "I Loved You" (Jack Laurance, dir.)

Shot on location for two days in Mexico City and From The Director: 

"I was interested in contrasts. Being 'bad' vs being 'good'. Total freedom vs the trappings of fame/celebrity, and all the vacuousness that goes with it. All framed within a little story about two best friends who drift apart. 

The idea of contrast really drove the way we told that story. Art direction and colour were obviously a big part of this. DOP Ben Kitchens really did a fantastic job. 

Wretch 32 "Blackout" (James Barber, dir.)

Wretch 32 ft Shakka - 'Blackout' (Official Video) (Out 12.05.13)

James Barber continues his relationship with rapper Wretch 32 in directing this visually stunning video for the brand new track from his latest album. The new video for 'Blackout' is a heavily art directed piece creating a  stylised, textural, mesmeric and dreamy set.  James followed an almost meteorological theme, creating a sun setup (influenced by Olafur Eliasson’s weather project from the Tate Modern)  as well as a  colder more dramatic lightning setup and a rain setup too.