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Kanye West

Kanye West "All Day" First Official Video

Sometimes people overthink what a "proper" video should be in this age. For example, if you do an award performance that absolutely nails it and perfectly captures the vibe of the song, then why can't that be the official video? Kanye West nailed it, and gets it, so his 2015 Brit Awards performance of "All Day" has been proclaimed the "first official" video for the track.

Of course, "first" is a pretty big modifier, since Kanye has already teased clips of another video in the works by 12 Years A Slave director Steve McQueen.

Rihanna x Kanye West x Paul McCartney "FourFiveSeconds" (Inez & Vinoodh, dir.)

Another track from the Kanye and Paul McCartney collaboration drops, this time as the lead single for Rihanna's upcoming new album. Vertically constrained to just the center third of the screen, the focus of this silvery b/w clip is Rihanna's emotional performance, with Sir Paul and Yeezus in supportive mode. It's simple and effective, making clear that Rihanna can thrive with music as simple and easily stylist as a pair of blue jeans. (In fact, I wouldn't be shocked if a country cover of this becomes a hit.)

Kanye West "Only One" (Spike Jonze, dir.)

My friend Doug can tell you about oh so many times that artists talk about making a video like Sinead OConnor's "Nothing Compares 2 U," not realizing how hard it is to create something that unguarded and honest, and how much talent needs to be involved. 

Maybe you watch this video and think about how simple it is. There's seemingly nothing to it, really. But, it's a culmination of perfect choices, starting from the collaboration between Kanye West and Paul McCartney, and a song that literally speaks from a heartbreaking afterlife. And a video by Spike Jonze that knows what to focus on — Kanye's daughter, his wedding band as he holds her hand — and ducking out the track to hear Kanye sing live on that long road where there's nowhere to hide...

I know you like to think it's effortless — and maybe it is when you're Spike, Kanye and Sir Paul — but don't kid yourself that it doesn't take a long journey with lots of heartbreak to get there.

Watch it at kanyewest.com...

Sorry, kids - Yeezus: The Film Poster is Fake

The Internet moves so fast and we all want to be FIRST so bad that sometimes we neglect to pay attention to common sense. And most of what's on the purported Yeezus: The Film poster is totally made up.

Let's take it credit by credit...

A Donda Production in association with Milk Studios...

Donda is Kanye's company for all his creative endeavors, be it tour design or album packaging. The film will certainly be a Donda production. Milk Studios has a Kanye connection, having hosted events for him, but nothing in terms of video or other film production for 'Ye... 

Written by Bret Easton Ellis

Bret Easton Ellis is indeed confirmed to be working on a Kanye project. But it is not this film. 

Casting by Alfred Sergei

There is no such person.

Production Designer Ian Edward

Unless this is leisure sector finance specialist Ian Edward moonlighting as a production designer, this is also bullshit.

Film Editor More Random Names

We are dumb.

Music Composed by Kanye West

Hey, something that's true!

Director of Photography William Wolfgang

Another made-up name. I'd say whoever made the posted has a thing for classical music (Sergei, Wolfgang)...

Executive Producer Nathan John Brown Hitchcock

This is just a word salad. I do like the John Brown reference, however. Hitchcock is too easy.

Directed by Hype Williams

This is also true.

All that said... Yeezus: The Film will likely be great, even if it's just a concert film as previously tipped. And the fact that author Bret Easton Ellis is indeed cooking something up with Kanye is also very interesting.

Kanye West "Bound 2" (Nick Knight, dir.)

Even though the video is best described as a Romance book cover come to life, it's still got an edge: "Bound 2" is essentially Kanye West riding his naked fiancee/babymama Kim Kardashian on a motorcycle through the desert, and most love songs don't have lyrics like, "I wanna fuck you hard on the sink."

But the best part of this glimpse into the "softer" side of Kanye? It premiered in entirety on the Ellen DeGeneris show, which is amazing on so many levels, but mostly in that housewives across the country watched this for five minutes and just might head to the store to enjoy the full Yeezus experience. 

UPDATE: I still think it's best watched via ellentv.com so you get that intro and the Ellen watermark — and a slight curvature which makes me think/hope they taped it off a monitor — but the official "uncensored" version is now on YouTube (embedded above). But, don't go looking at Kanye's channel: It's posted by Kim Kardashian, perhaps telling us which of the video's starts this release is meant to promote.

PS: I think "uncensored" refers to the audio, but feel free to get all Zapruder in search of a nipslip. Kim K won't mind those viewcounts.

How An "I Quit" Viral Gave Kanye His First Billboard Hot 100 Hit of 2013

How's this for chart perversion: There's a Kanye West song that just cracked the Top 20 on Billboard's Hot 100 chart. The song is "Gone." It's 8 years old. And it's charting because a viral video features (former) news producer Marina Shifrin performing an interpretive "I quit" dance for her (former) boss. And as you know, the Billboard chart now uses YouTube plays as part of its calculation.

I'm telling you: Keyboard cat will one day be a #1 hit. Or maybe "What The Fox Say"...

PS: One of this video's points was to focus on the content and not the views, which is somewhat ironic since the video has 15+ million views.

Kanye West "I Am God" [unofficial] (Sequoia B., dir.)

As an artist, there is extreme freedom in creating, even when there is no solicitation to do so. Playing around with Cinemagraphs or Stills in Motion became a very intriging way to bring the human subject to life. All of the images of Kanye West are actual still photographs. Naturally, being a video director, the process kept growing and growing from one edit to the next, and when all was said and done, this is what came to be. *Watch in HD. This is a non-commisioned project.