Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson "Behind The Mask" (Aggressive, dir.)

A lost music video for a lost Michael Jackson song finally gets official release. "Behind The Mask" was originally written and released in the late '70s by Japanese band Yellow Magic Orchestra, but then covered by MJ with the intention to include on Thriller, but unheard and unreleased until 2010. This posthumous video takes at a masquerade party where Jackson's legacy looms large, with many of the costumes and characters referencing the pop icon and his classic videography.

Paul McCartney "Say Say Say" (Ryan Heffington, dir.)

Music legend Paul McCartney dusts off his his early '80s solo album Pipes Of Peace and Tug of War for re-release and rediscovery, since chances are all you remember (if you were alive and sentient at the time) from them were the massive collaborative singles and videos from the albums: "Ebony And Ivory" with Stevie Wonder, and "Say Say Say" with Michael Jackson.

One of the bonus and promotional elements for the campaign is a new version of the "Say Say Say" video — which has aged about as well as most things from the decade — that let's Sia video choreographer Ryan Heffingon unleash a dance jam across Los Angeles.

Now, if only there could be a Stepbrothers sequel, so an an '80s McCartney tribute headline the Catalina Wine Mixer...

Michael Jackson "Thriller" To Return... in 3D

Is it ironic that Michael Jackson's "Thriller" is the music video that keeps finding new life?

Now that director John Landis has settled his lawsuit over his profit share from the video — I assume for way more than the $75,000 actress Ola Ray got in a lawsuit over her role as MJ's GF —  the Michael Jackson estate is ready to make some more money off this underutilized asset.

"That lawsuit went on for so many years, (but) we settled and they paid me finally. And so, actually there is something happening with ‘Thriller." - John Landis, director

Landis has revealed that a revamped and newly 3D version of the video will be released next year, with a planned theatrical run and BluRay edition. And, a Jackson Estate insider adds that a "dance experience or a zombie-style,shoot-’ em-up" video game is also in the cards.

So, dust off those red leather jackets and practice that dopey dance — "Thriller" is gonna be rising from the dead sometime soon.

Michael Jackson x Justin Timberlake "Love Never Felt So Good" (Rich Lee, co-dir.)

In a way, there's likely more Michael Jackson in this video than on this posthumous "contemporized" version of a previously unreleased song. Justin Timberlake easily steps into the main role here, keeping a smile on his face and replicating some iconic moves — needs. more. moonwalk. — on some sets that also shout out various MJ video classics, like the "Bad" turnstiles and the "Beat It" pool hall. For good measure, we also get archived shots of the main man in NTSC action, plus lots of fans to dance and smile along to the groove.

John Landis Talks About the Ultimate Vanity Video: Thriller

"What’s important to remember is Thriller had already become the most successful album of all time. So this is what was called a vanity video... They don’t sell records; they’re there to make the artist happy.”  — John Landis, director [via Newsweek]

It's hard to argue with "Thrille" as the Greatest Video Of All Time, and it's even harder to find fault with this retelling of the video's Behind The Scenes story via Newsweek.

At the time "Thriller" was considered an exercise in artistic excess: Spending over 10x the normal budget on a nearly 14 minute opus that was part horror film and part dance extravaganza is not generally considered smart business. But, nearly everything about the video became a cultural landmark from the wardrobe to the dance and let's face it: The video was all Zombies before Zombies were all the rage.