@DanoCerny WATCH IT: Keith Urban w/ P!nk "One Too Many" (Dano Cerny, dir.) https://t.co/qHpLlurnau via 1 day 12 hours ago

Sean Stuart

Kill It Kid "Caroline" (IOWEYOUTH, dir.)

Real life collides with this video as Lauren Capulet and Ricki Hall star as a couple that's able to stay hot and heavy for a few laps around the track before cracking apart... And if gossip rags are to be trusted [hah] then Capulet and Hall are an actual couple who are perhaps also cracking apart — except instead of Kill It Kid singer Chris Turpin in the backseat, the rumor mill has Kelly Osbourne as the allegedly actual third wheel... 

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Biffy Clyro "Black Chandeliers" (BigTV, Dir.)

Biffy Clyro - Black Chandelier (Official Video)

Don't tune out before the epic band/crowd confrontation that greets the climax of Biffy Clyro's neo-grunge anthem,"Black Chandeliers." That said, there's plenty to hold your attention before that asBigTV deliver a large-scale cinematic vision of a dark night that descends upon a city and clings to its citizens like tar.