Low "Just Make It Stop" (Philip Harder, dir.)

Low - Just Make It Stop [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Director Philip Harder has a long history with Low — something also explored in his feature film about the band, Low Movie (How to Quit Smoking) — and that intimacy is readily apparent here with the macro shots of them in the recording studio. There's an analog naturalness at play here, even giving way to the stop-motion animated vines that gradually overtakes the occasional digital noise and the band.

The Low Movie comes at the 20 year mark for the band: Phil Harder was present even before their debut album — shooting the band on 16mm on Lake Superior in minus 30 windchill — and at every subequent stage. All that footage comes into play, capturing their steady evolution with a trove of never-before-seen material.

Director of Photography
Oscar Oboza, Colorist
Britta Johnson, Animator