Pic Vicious "Sweet Revenge" (Karolyn Szot, dir.)

Pic Vicious - Sweet Revenge

PIC VICIOUS' music video ‘SWEET REVENGE’ premiers! Los Angeles based director KAROLYN SZOT incorporated the elements of sexiness, glamour, grunge, and medieval to create this anti-classic revenge video. Growing up a nationally ranked fencer Szot always knew she wanted to showcase the art of fencing in an artistic and edgy way. Combining story elements desired by Pic Vicious and using her own visual concepts, she produced a dark and mysterious music video.

"Sweet Revenge" is the story of David vs. Goliath with reverse gender roles. The tale has the leading woman saving the man in distress rather then the other way around. The Queen Villain is played by no other than AMAZON ASHLEY, who recently was featured in Miley Cyrus's Video "We Can't Stop," and performed with Miley at the VMAs.

The sport of fencing was a huge inspiration for this video and inspired many aspects of the videos costume design, choreography, production design, and cinematography.  Szot recruited her former Northwestern University teammate and NCAA Fencing All-American, SAMANTHA NEMECEK and 2012 Olympian, DORIS WILLETTE to portray the vengeful battle scene between music star Letta and Amazon Ashley.

Filming the art of fencing was something new and exciting for Szot to explore. There hasn’t been many visual creative works that have explored fencing movements. Szot brought on the extremely talented JONATHAN MICHAEL MAHONEY, a Los Angeles based cinematographer. "Mahoney has a very creative eye for capturing unique moments. He definitely enhanced the grimy and edgy vision I wanted to portray," said Szot. His cinematographic work has been seen in festivals around the world from Guam to Cannes. 

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Director of Photography
Tiffany Stacey, Choreographer
Ashlie Kodsy, Costume Designer
Molly Burgess, Production Designer
Stacy Rosas, Make-up Artist