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James Wallace & The Naked Light "Worse Things Have Happened" (Drew Bourdet, dir.)

"Worse Things Have Happend" (Official Video) - James Wallace and the Naked Light

"When wandering through space, much time can pass in an instant. Has JWATNL found home? Pink smoke is the color. Breathe easy, my friend. Take the spacedrugs."

Video was shot on a C300 in Nashville, TN on Dickerson road (a pretty rough and sad part of town).

Our premise: An astronaut as left his ship. Has he crashed on earth? ...Here's his surreal dream, or his reality. 

We decided, if the Astronaut Suit looked good, the video would look good, so we spend a solid week putting one together with a ski suit, baby carrier (like this one, but painted silver), and other fitting accessories. The final touch of course, was renting an actual russian cosmonaut helmet from some friend of a friend. 

The goal was basically to capture an uncomfortable mood by adding a few hyper-real elements to a downtrodden earth world. Once we found our elements (space punks, space drugs, and space girl), the narritive basically wrote itself from there. 

Director of Photography

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