Vaults "Cry No More" (Calum Macdiarmid, dir.)

Vaults - Cry No More

Calum’s new music video is an evocative and sumptuous film for Vaults’ new release ‘Cry No More’. The song is about the resolution not to give up, for which the band wanted a video to tell a story of female empowerment.

Calum’s inspiration came from psychoanalytic dream interpretations and the ways it is used to help patients through dream therapy. The technique encourages a patient to confront and change the distressing elements of a recurring dream, gradually leading it to a better outcome and motivating positive behavioral patterns in real life.

In the video we follow Blythe, Vaults’ lead singer and heroine of the film, as she traverses through her own thriller dreamscape, where she attempts to save her self from her nightmare.

On her journey she meets a younger version of herself who empowers her (with the help of a snub nose 38 revolver) to change the dream. Ultimately the story is a dream piece all about allowing you to love yourself.

The shoot was definitely a case of everyone working towards the same goal, “Blythe wasn't shy of getting stuck in” says Calum,“for all her sensitivity as a musician she definitely has an action-woman side to her too…It was her idea to be buried at the beginning, which was quite brave as it was seriously unnerving when we removed the breathing tube from her grave for the shot”

Despite the surreal narrative, Calum sought a dramatic filmic look, and teamed up once again with DOP Sy Turnball.

The film is beautifully captured on anamorphic lenses, with the dreamy photography graded by Matt Hare at Glassworks to make a visually stunning film.

Production Company
Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
Jessamy Hadfield, Art Director
Glassworks, Post-production
Matt Hare, Telecine Colorist
Josh King, Post-production Supervisor