Leftfield & Sleaford Mods "Head And Shoulders" (Casey + Ewan, dir.)

Leftfield & Sleaford Mods - Head And Shoulders

Very random, yet very awesome. Just go with it...

Ewan + Casey, director: "It was exiting to hear some new music from Leftfield, especially as it was so out-there, a driving throb of bleeps and noises, accompanied by Jason from Sleaford Mods ranting about the detritus of modernity. It was pretty clear from the start a degree of subtlety wasn’t what was called for.

And so was born the story of a little monster who gorges himself on bin bags, cigarettes, chocolate bars, pigeons etc… growing bigger and bigger with overconsumption until he is able to swallow sky scrapers and entire planets.

And as the monster evolves so does the style of animation, beginning with 80s children’s TV style paper / cell animation, switching to stop motion models (all in camera, no compositing apart from rig removal) and ending in a cosmic digital world."

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