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Clean Cut Kid "Runaway" (SCRATCH, dir.)

Clean Cut Kid - Runaway

SCRATCH, director: "We started with a woman that has just committed a terrible act, an action that might be the only sane thing she's done in decades - this is where the idea for the video originally came from. "Runaway" has a sort of upbeat feel but theres a dark edge, it seemed to fit perfectly. "Clean Cut Kid" had some very specific stuff they wanted in the video and the idea evolved into what we have here - then chuck in a boiled down half day rehearsal with actors of the calibre of Kierston Waering and Frank Doody and we we're off.  I think collaboration like this forces detail into videos, and we are really proud of that. There's a ton of sub-text going on which could have been an otherwise middle of the road love story." 

Production Company
Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Ria Hanish-Oakes, Production Coordinator
Bailey Marks, First Assistant Director
Emily Howard, Art Director
Katie McGoldrick, Stylist
Jojo Copeman, Hair and Make-up

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