Josh Ramsay "We Should Be Friends" (Emma Higgins, dir.)

Josh Ramsay - We Should Be Friends (Official Video)

Wanted to share with you the release of Josh Ramsay's video/solo single 'We Should Be Friends' featured in the motion picture Adventures in Public School.

Directed by Ramsay’s close friend, award winning director Emma Higgins (Mother Mother, Marianas Trench), the charming video was shot at a local Langley, BC high school and features highlights from the film. Following a love story between the movie’s lead characters, Higgins delicately captures the sentiment of the track, combining Ramsay’s captivating performance with the bright colours of the hallway and blooming romance between the young actors.

When long-time friend and producer of Adventures in Public School, Josh Epstein, asked Ramsay to write a track for the film, he jumped at the opportunity, “Josh sent me a cut of the movie and I loved it! I thought it was really quirky,” says Ramsay. “I actually wrote the song about an hour after I saw the movie. I took my dog for a walk in the woods and I came back and there was the song.”


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