Rock Shreller "Catwalk" (Yan Frame, dir.)

Rock Shreller - Catwalk (Official Music Video)

The first alternative electronic band in Bangkok is comprised of entirely foreigners who left their own countries to live in Asia... and the just released their 7th music video! It's nothing if not vibrant.

Rock Shreller is a weird band name, but "Catwalk" (off their latest album "Wildly Inappropriate") sounds exactly like it's title. It's a bit sultry and sexy, and the video is as well. Marta Vorobiova is a confident, beautiful woman about town and she is being followed by what you hope is simply an admirer (played by Vesse Saastamoinen). The whole video plays out in Bangkok at night and it's pretty stunning visually.

Check them out and see what you think. A lot of Rock Shreller's other music is more electronic-based, but there's usually an instrumental vibe as well- especially in their live performances. Their next show is on the Bangkok Island Cruise with popular punk band ICEAGE. For more Rock Shreller check them out at or at

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