Swim Deep "Sail Away Say Goodbye" (Georgina Cammalleri, dir.)

Swim Deep - Sail Away, Say Goodbye (Official Video)

Director Georgina Cammalleri returns to work with Swim Deep, an indie rock band from Birmingham, UK, following her music video for “To Feel Good” earlier this year. Ahead of the October release of the band’s Emerald Classics album, “Sail Away, Say Goodbye” carries all of the band’s psychedelic-tinged dream pop and tells a story of grief that is very personal to lead singer Austin Williams – the song is about the loss of his grandmother after her battle with dementia.

We find the band on board a boat that’s lost and going nowhere. Their fortunes take a turn for the worse when a crack in the boat lets water in and sends the boys into the ocean. However, instead of a watery demise, the band find something very different lurking beneath the surface. Director Georgina Cammalleri brings an element of magical realism to the video, giving this sad story a transformative feeling and a sense of hope.

“In the face of a desperate situation I wanted to use magical realism to turn the fate of the band around and inject a sense of hope. Sometimes things arise in life in a way that initially appear as a threat, but ultimately help us to move forward and survive.”

The shoot took place over two days. The team purchased a rowing boat and transported it to Ramsgate, a port town in the South of England, where filming took place from a fishing vessel called “Sea Searcher”, out in the middle of the North Sea. The underwater material was filmed in an underwater tank in Croydon, London. 

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