Larkins "Are We Having Any Fun Yet?" (GRANDMAS, dir.)

Larkins - Are We Having Any Fun Yet? (Official Video)

Larkins singer Josh Noble gets blindsided by a car, but shoulders on bloodied, but undaunted, perhaps serving of metaphor for the unexpected collisions in life that can't stop your forward momentum. 

Production Company
Director of Photography
Editing Company
Executive Producer
ETC, Post-production
Liam Conwell, Sound/Music
Jason Wallis, Colorist
D-Fran, Post-production
Harry Morgan, Production Assistant
Billie Hallows, First Assistant Director
Mike Linforth, First Assistant Camera
Bethan Anderson, Hair and Make-up
Terri Grisdale, Hair and Make-up
Jade Kewley, Stylist
Gordon Seed, Stunt Coordinator