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Zibra "Great White Shark" (Oscar Hudson, dir.)

Who let the dogs out?

From the director: I’ve always liked cameras that feel detached from the sense that someone is operating them. So strapping cameras to 15 dogs and setting them loose in a room with a band ticked a lot of boxes for me. The shoot was completely mad. We were really just trying to control the chaos and the whole process felt totally experimental. We rigged the space with cameras fixed to bones and covered the band’s instruments in meat, retreated to another room and hoped for the best. Thankfully Klaus, Yonkers, Vivian, Hank & the rest of the camera-dog pack came through with some great shots.

Production Company
Independent Representative
Director of Photography
Spike Morris, First Assistant Camera
Robin Niedojadlo, Second Assistant Camera
Luke Moran-Morris, Art Director
Dexter Turner-Ramsay, Asst. Art Director
Callum Harrison, Production Assistant
Melissa Giles, Production Assistant
Ryan Powell, Production Assistant
Charlotte James, Stylist
John Maclean, Hair and Make-up
Brendan Buckingham, Colorist

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