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Watch It

Lola Marsh "You're Mine" (Colin Solal Cardo, dir.)

Filmed in the Israeli desert near the Dead Sea, "You're Mine" features Lola Marsh members Yael Shoshana Cohen and Gil Landau seemingly stranded and merely trying to pass the time while grasping with the reality of their situation. And while some location-based videos can seem cheesy, the grandiose nature of their surroundings only seems to amplify the cinematic feel of the song.

Says the band of the video and their opening, hand-clapping shot:

Junior Boys "Over It" (Lee Skinner, dir.)

From "Junior Boys Share VHS Fantasy Video For 'Over It'" on Thump:

...Directed by Canadian filmmaker, Lee Skinner, it starts with a lone bearded figure sitting in silence in a bar, then seems to travel into his VHS-styled fantasy of "directing" of a Junior Boys video. It's all fittingly outfitted with kitschy green screen effects and low budget charm.

In a previous THUMP interview, the band said that the song is about a "local eccentric" who frequents The Brain, a bar in Hamilton, Ontario co-owned by band member Jeremy Greenspan. It doesn't seem like too much of a stretch to suggest that the video's star might just be that man himself, perhaps pictured in that very bar—a well-earned cameo, if so...

The video does indeed feature the man that inspired the song: Hamilton musician, painter, and writer Martin Verrall. It was one of the many ideas that Jeremy Greenspan had when he came to me about doing a video for "Over It." Other elements he wanted to incorporate references to Hilarious House of Frightenstein (especially the Wolf Man), and inspiration from Beat Club, SCTV, and an old music video for German artist Andreas Dorau. It was my job synthesize these ideas into a cohesive video. Hope you enjoy it. - Lee Skinner, director

BlackBird WhiteSky "Stay Here With Me" (Victor Oliveira, dir.)

black bird white sky is a rock/electro band from NYC with a taste for tragic romance, lyrical melodies and throbbing beats. Bring us your world-weary souls and we will take you….. New EP – STAY HERE WITH ME coming early 2014 with videos and an East Coast tour. Past releases include a self titled full length record released in 2011, a Remix EP released in 2012 and The Fall EP also released in 2012. Ronnie Shingelo – vox, guitars, EFX Brian Kantorski – synths, EFX Sean Gerena – bass, EFX

Trad.Attack! "Jaan'kene" (Martti Helde, dir.)

Director Martti Helde: ‘’It’s a search for love and life through music, dance, and film. The idea for the video came from the lyrics of this song, from looking beyond the lyrics in an attempt to express their meaning. A lot like life.

And even before, there was this: A tree trunk is hidden in every small branch and a flame in the tiniest of sparks. This creates an endless repetition – from morning to night, from spring to winter, from birth to death. This is an eternal repetition that ties the beginning to the end in a circle of life. A lot like love.“