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@DrewXRuss @Videostatic Funny, I've pitched 4 different music videos w/ mimes & were all turned down because "Mimes are weird, no one likes them". 1 day 7 hours ago


HELLYEAH "Sangre Por Sangre (Blood for Blood)" (Robert Sexton, dir.)

HELLYEAH is MUDVAYNE singer Chad Gray, former PANTERA and DAMAGEPLAN drummer Vinnie Paul Abbott, NOTHINGFACE's Tom Maxwell on guitar and new bassist, Kyle Sanders (former member of BLOODSIMPLE and the brother of MASTODON's Troy Sanders)


Left to Right: Drummer Vinnie Paul, Director Robert Sexton (www.hollywoodbethyname.com)

Tyler The Creator "Tamale" (Wolf Haley, dir.)

There's a decent chance that Tyler The Creator crosses way too many lines for you to really get with him — most bars feature at least one word that's not considered kosher for polite society — but "Tamale" is him at his random best, pinging back and forth between making serious points and getting silly. Visually, it's a blast, but there' usually a counterbalance: The ass trampoline gets contrasted with a censored bit of presumed violence, and just when you think he's about to take the piss out of a boring indie rock Zombie appregio riff, he uses as a chance to get deep.

Also worth noting: Tyler could probably have a lucrative career as a director — yes, he's Wolf Haley — if he gets tired of rhyming.