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A Walkumentary on "Happy" Steadicam Op Jon Beattie

If you've ever seen a Steadicam op on-set, then you know it's one of the most physically demanding production jobs. Consider what Jon Beattie rolled with while making the 24 hour "Happy" video:

  • 10+ days of shooting
  • 7 miles of walking backwards
  • approximately 250,000 steps
  • all while listening to the song 400 times or so

Yet, Beattie is happy as can be as he walks us through that video and the overall risks and rewards of being the steadicam man.

And, the fact most of the footage here runs in reverse makes things even more confusing/clever.

Neil Young Stands Up Against Keystone XL in New Video

Neil Young continues to stand up for what he believes, this time railing against the Keystone XL pipeline and ecological damage that's projected to come with it. Shot over four days in Nebraska, we find Young joined by Willie Nelson, 8,000 fans at a concert event to support Bold Nebraska, and the world's largest crop circle built by "aerial artist" John Q.  

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