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Derek Piotr "Tonic/You Move" (Ivan Cheng, dir.)

Polish-born, US-based experimental producer & vocalist, Derek Piotr returns with new double-A side single 'Tonic/You Move' & 'Light', ahead of his forthcoming seventh solo album, Forest People Pop (released June 2017 on Bit-Phalanx Music).

Following experiments with woodwinds (Bahar - Bit-Phalanx Music. 2015) and vocal drone compositions (Drono - LINE Imprint. 2016), Forest People Pop fuses contemporary trends in global electronic pop with indigenous, instrumental forms and bridges these two worlds with his most intimate and linear lyrics to date.

'Tonic/You Move' & 'Light' specifically mark Piotr's first conscious "love songs", and are released together as a Double-A single. Artist & Director Ivan Cheng has produced a unique experimental video piece to accompany 'Tonic/You Move'.

'Tonic/You Move' & 'Light' is available to download / stream now, Forest People Pop follows in June 2017.


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