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Eighth Air "Can't Move" (Aćim Vasić, dir.)

A young and refreshing Serbian band Eight Air with their 2nd single "Can't Move", which speaks about a struggle thorugh eating disorder, all in a style of Instagram.

Directing/Editing by Aćim Vasić Written by Lena Kuzmanović Co-written, arranged and produced by Marko Kuzmanović Co-arranged by Dušan Janković Vocal by Lena Kuzmanović Drums, synth bass, keyboards and programming by Marko Kuzmanović Keyboards by Dušan Janković, Vojno Dizdar Guitar by Predrag Kozomara Background vocals: Marija Marić-Marković Mixed by Marko Kuzmanović, Djordje Janković Mastered by Djordje Janković


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