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IN PRODUCTION: Lionel Richie f/ Shania Twain - Paul Boyd, dir.

Supporting Lionel Richie's upcoming album Tuskegee, celebrating his Southern heritage via countryfied remakes of his biggest hits. Shania Twain guests on this track, while other guests include Kenny Chesney,  Kenny Rogers, Rascal Flatts and many others. And with all due respect to Jennifer Nettles, it's unlikley any  version of "Hello" can top the viral making the rounds.

  • artist: Lionel Richie f/ Shania Twain
  • song: "Endless Cover"
  • label: Mercury Nashville
  • director(s): Paul Boyd
  • production co: Weapons of Mass Entertainment
  • rep/exec. producer: Randi Wilens @ RW Media
  • producer: Kevin Hinds
  • DP: Daniel Pearl

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jake's picture
Shania's version of Endless love is just amazing. It is beatifully execute by Shania and Lionel and to be honest has more passion and sounds better than the original.

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