@JosephKahn I love the off yellows in old technicolor movies but they probably look that way because of film layer degradation. 7 hours 43 min ago
@JosephKahn If your parents knew how much sex you were getting off Tinder, they'd join Tinder too. 5 hours 50 min ago
@questlove My dad & I binge shopping was my greatest childhood memory ever. I was crate diggin before that was a… http://t.co/uvBt3GOv1P 1 day 6 hours ago
@JosephKahn Just watched SOME LIKE IT HOT for the first time. Best last line ever in any movie ever. 1 day 5 hours ago
@katyperry I don't want there to be any filters between us bb! 1 day 5 hours ago
@trent_reznor I told you this really happened! Check out the Beats Music launch party concert airing all day today on @revolttv 13 hours 8 min ago
@JosephKahn RT @Ristolable: My grandpa fought in WWII, my father in Vietnam. I'm fighting a different, some might say more important battle in YouTube … 1 day 2 hours ago
@JosephKahn I am outraged. You don't get to cosplay Captain America unless you're under 10% body fat & have all your hair. 1 day 12 hours ago
@iamdiddy THE WORLD IS YOURS!!! Word to my brother @Nas!! http://t.co/OMRd6cPTSr 1 day 10 hours ago
@questlove RT @LifeOfAGinger: Can't wait to celebrate @HakkasanLV's one year anniversary with @tiesto and @questlove in one week! 1 day 13 hours ago
@questlove RT @atlantamusic: Don't miss DJ @questlove at MJQ Concourse TONIGHT 4/19! Online sales end at 4 PM! Doors at 11 PM! http://t.co/f11EZUsKDt 1 day 15 hours ago
@questlove RT @BoneLickBBQ: Thanks @questlove for stopping by for some of our 'cue tonight. Great to have you in! http://t.co/qDtwWpnYH1 #bbq #atlanta 1 day 5 hours ago
@JosephKahn At Wondercon where I'm better shape than all of the superheroes walking around. 1 day 12 hours ago
@markromanek RT @TweetinThies: Just a friendly reminder that @AlbertBrooks made a three minute trailer that's funnier than any movie out today. http://t… 16 hours 15 min ago

IN PRODUCTION: Nicole Scherzinger - Justin Francis, dir.

  • artist: Nicole Scherzinger
  • song: "Wet"
  • label: Interscope
  • director(s): Justin Francis
  • production co: HELLO!
  • producer: Michelle Larkin
  • exec. producer: Kerri Kleiner, Sheira-Rees Davies
  • commissioner: Kathy Angtadt, Michelle An

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