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WATCH IT: My Morning Jacket "Touch Me.."

My Morning JacketMy Morning Jacket Welcome to the jungle, as envisioned by directing crew Mixtape Club for this My Morning Jacket video. Stylistically, it's a gem: A painterly, three-dimensional moving work of art that splits the difference between hand-made construction and the cutting edge. Conceptually, it works just as well: A furry monster learns several lessons about life and nature — and energy policy — as it collects fireflies for a lantern. The Mixtapers cite the massive BBC nature doc Planet Earth and the work of Russian animator Yuri Norstein as inspirations, although the music video memories it triggers in me are the earlier monster vid for MMJ's "One Big Holiday" and The Mars Volta "Televators" tale of a suicidal tarsier. --> watch "Touch Me..." via the MTV.com  premiere or in Quicktime via mixtapeclub.com

My Morning Jacket
"Touch Me I'm Going To Scream Pt. 2" (ATO)

Mixtape Club, directors | Hana Shimizu, producer | Hornet, production co | Erin Kilkenny, Emmett Dzieza, Arthur Hur, Michael Seiser, Tavet Gillson, Joe Posner , designers | Arthur Hur, Erin Kilkenny, Emmett Dzieza, Michael Seiser, Tavet Gillson, Andrew MacFarlane, Will Decker, animators/compositors | Joe Suslak, Anita Chao, editors

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