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WATCH IT: Rise Against "Ballad Of Hollis Brown" (Nico Sabenorio, dir.)

Rise Against and director Nico Sabenorio take you into the plight of the modern day famer in this video for the band's hardcore-fueled cover of the Bob Dylan folk tune "The Ballad Of Hollis Brown." Shot on-location at family farms across the Western heartland — including Iowa, South Dakota and Nebraaska — Sabenorio delivers a portrait of poverty, decline and disaster as on-screen factoids lay out the direness of the situation. It looks like a modern day Dust Bowl, something underscored by the intro/outro film clips about tackling the same problems in previous generations, and in the song itself, with its premonitions of ongoing misery.  

"The Ballad Of Hollis Brown" is off Amnesty International's Chimes Of Freedom, an epic 4-CD set of damn good Bob Dylan covers by a staggering list of who's who in the music biz that includes Adele, Dave Matthews Band, Elvis Costello, Gaslight Anthem, My Chemical Romance, Queens Of The Stone Age, Silversun Pickups, Sting and many others. It's under $20 at Amazon (or the vendor of your preference). All the proceeds go to Amnesty International. Go buy it.

--> watch "The Ballad Of Hollis Brown"

Rise Against
"The Ballad Of Hollis Brown" (Amnesty International/Fontana)

RockhardNico Sabenorio, director  | Rockhard, production co | Nicole Acacio, exec. producer | Nicole Ehrlich, commissioner

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