@questlove RT @ooteenoo: 2NITE BK BOWL W/@COOKIESvision + @wearescientists we play at 9 pm followed by bowl train @questlove http://t.co/ML3PoJqLiM 1 day 15 hours ago
@Videostatic The Mystery of the NSFW Marilyn Manson, Eli Roth & Lana Del Rey Horror Video | http://t.co/TACoCuDxIk 1 day 20 hours ago
@iamdiddy Don't ever let anyone steal your joy! #SMILE #SMILE #SMILE ! Wishing you a happy and blessed day.… http://t.co/nDB49uTLbQ 1 day 20 hours ago
@JosephKahn When you swipe through twitter and your finger accidentally favorites, retweets, or follows a random person. 1 day 14 hours ago
@iamdiddy I LOVE NYC !!!!!!! Hello New York! Your son is back! Ain't no place like home! http://t.co/Ar035Keck7 1 day 18 hours ago
@keithscho RT @somebadideas: Music video for Bastille by @keithscho made me laugh so hard had to stop it cause I was going to have asthma attack http:… 15 hours 38 min ago
@Videostatic 2nd @dandad Next Director Award Shortlist Announced; Last Call for Entries | VideoStatic http://t.co/VTRMeCBCX7 1 day 15 hours ago
@davidguetta RT @mariahjsummers: if you're a Chase customer w/Apple Pay, the bank is letting you get David Guetta's new album early (today) & for free h… 23 hours 8 min ago
@questlove Respect To American Film Master Mike Nichols. #ripMikeNichols http://t.co/QnWn7UsQU9 9 hours 24 min ago
@jus10p Why would I want to send a tweet via direct message? 1 day 10 hours ago
@jus10p I don't understand extra virgin olive oil. You are either a virgin or you are not. You can't be an extra virgin. 1 day 10 hours ago
@Videostatic SURPRISE: A new @Beyonce music video for "7/11" that I daresay is perfect http://t.co/FdbXPb3bRW http://t.co/tNTibNReZT 11 hours 55 min ago
@JosephKahn Nothing will lower your property value faster in LA than having Bieber as a neighbor. 1 day 2 hours ago
@JosephKahn Most fangirl movies are so morose. Why so serious? 1 day 16 hours ago
@Tylers_Keytar “@Videostatic: The @onedirection "Night Changes" video is like "Smack My Bitch Up" but with candy apples & wine instead of heroin” @rubylizz 19 hours 12 min ago

Azealia Banks "ATM Jam" (Clarence Fuller, dir.)

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