@jus10p Can't believe #KanyeWest wants to follow in the footsteps of vice president Joe Biden: https://t.co/4QLve8z03l 1 day 1 hour ago
@questlove RT @shoemakermike: @questlove loved watching your @CBSSunday Morning piece. next stop, 60 Minutes. #tickticktick 1 day 9 hours ago
@JosephKahn @fwong I just literally did a tracking shot 50 times the other night to keep the damn thing in focus. 1 day 5 hours ago
@keithscho @somebadideas not me. But I'll be in town wed. for a job. 12 hours 36 min ago
@questlove @MichaelW_75 what...magic wand & *presto*?---that's a magician not a president. id start by making sure he gets a congress to work with. 11 hours 37 min ago
@LilTunechi Portland was toooooo fun mane!!! Luh y'all! Shot out to da homies at da Nike park! 1 day 16 hours ago
@JosephKahn @cinefide Not enough. Go 25 each hand and hold them ahead of you as you run. That approximates a ronin rig. 14 hours 7 min ago
@markromanek RT @evrybdygegeget: Sadly, I had to temporarily mute the brilliant @markromanek; his recent @taylorswift13 love leaves me feeling nauseous … 14 hours 34 min ago
@JosephKahn Can you not get fat off Indian food or Indian people just genetically svelte? 13 hours 6 min ago
@questlove not sure how "accurate" @hillsyb do you NOT see the photo of her in handcuffs crying? 13 hours 49 min ago
@JosephKahn Shooting DSLR. Must focus to keep focus. 1 day 5 hours ago
@questlove wow. @MCSerch selling his entire rare kicks collection for $75k http://t.co/NRQKXMPusI 13 hours 58 min ago
@questlove Breaking News: He Was The Highest B*$%* in This Place http://t.co/FHIDxaY6eu 10 hours 28 min ago
@MuraiHiro I ate pretzels lying down in the back of a hearse today 1 day 2 hours ago
@questlove Cool of @esquiremag to include my "mentor tree" in their table of contents for the Mentor/Man Oct… http://t.co/aACpUlgkdM 1 day 10 hours ago

Spenzo "Wife Er" (Daniel Czernilofsky, dir.)

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