@taylorswift13 RT @LisaKudrow: So @taylorswift13 is THE best person I've ever met. That was fun. Thanks Taylor. 3 hours 3 min ago
@flo_tweet Australia: @jackladdersings will join Florence on the How Big Tour dates in November http://t.co/tsWxvlGBaA http://t.co/4Wn6kHPyPD 22 hours 22 min ago
@JosephKahn This is Tasha. Super talented vfx artist on BLANK SPACE, BAD BLOOD, now WILDEST DREAMS. She just turned 21. http://t.co/IIu4wUOJpA 19 hours 55 min ago
@JosephKahn Men getting paid for sex, AKA #ManGoals 1 day 22 hours ago
@taylorswift13 RT @TheRobEllisShow: .@taylorswift13 got @LisaKudrow on stage to perform 'Smelly Cat' http://t.co/F90IsokXcB 12 hours 44 min ago
@Videostatic RT @chris_milk: Wired: Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin Give VR Movies Their First Superstudio http://t.co/vLNMjjyvMF via @WIRED 1 day 2 hours ago
@questlove Thank you @jimgaffigan & @jeanniegaffigan for having me on @gaffiganshow love it! Can't wait for… https://t.co/lIZ27Lb4T4 1 day 22 hours ago
@JosephKahn Watched my Perfume director's cut again for the first time in ages. Yup, it's awesome. Oh well. 1 day 23 hours ago
@JosephKahn Storyboard artist for Wildest Dreams https://t.co/u0LrOhDCRy 1 hour 56 min ago
@Videostatic Web (and non-Web) celebs a'plenty in @oliviasomerlyn lyric video for "OXO" http://t.co/phA6sjtsYj http://t.co/acah3ra4Zm 1 hour 48 min ago
@taylorswift13 @shondarhimes oh my God!! You can come to any show any time! Bring your daughter and her friends and call it a girls night. DM me! 1 day 23 hours ago
@A_Listermann RT @RIVETING_ENT: Today is a great day. Delivering the @chrisbrown #LIQUOR & #ZERO videos and @calscruby announced his #HouseInTheHillsEP r… 3 hours 42 min ago
@taylorswift13 There is nothing cooler than @st_vincent soloing while pyro goes off in the background. #1989TourLA http://t.co/usj0Lrq2tY 1 day 13 hours ago

BOOKED: Flyleaf - Meiert Avis, director

  • artist: Flyleaf
  • song: "Again"
  • label: Octone/A&M
  • director(s): Meiert Avis
  • production co: Pusher Media
  • rep: Labuda Management

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