@katyperry Hanging with my beautiful Peruvian sisters ❤️ @ Lake Titicaca https://t.co/VYl3i5C1di 1 day 18 hours ago
@keithscho ...til we meet again, Fogo Island. https://t.co/jSnWSYD6V7 1 day 3 hours ago
@jus10p @ELLEmagazine fish gape? That sounds like a porno move. 5 hours 6 min ago
@jus10p I'm so confused. Is the new #AHSHotel a tv show or Lady Gaga's new music video set to a She Wants Revenge song from 2006? 1 day 16 hours ago
@jus10p @Adweek true but probably on their phones reading Twitter. In the words of one of the great prophets of our time Egon "PRINT IS DEAD" 4 hours 48 min ago
@syndromestudio RT @Digital__Canvas: There are lots of ways to combine live action & graphics; check out @syndromestudio's take: http://t.co/wZU5894P9I htt… 22 hours 38 min ago
@jus10p @TMZ you guys are a shoe in for "Click Bait Of The Year" at this year's Worst News Source Awards. Congrats!! 5 hours 11 min ago
@Videostatic RT @danielcarberry: Stills from my latest work of @skylargrey & @xambassadors music video #CANNONBALL featuring 08… https://t.co/icqBGTxG29 1 day 21 hours ago
@jus10p The copy for this site should be "You can't get what you already have." http://t.co/pVJL3q16cO 17 hours 35 min ago
@jus10p Okay done with my Twitter Trolling for the day. Off to troll @LinkedIn 4 hours 34 min ago
@_Jodeb_ I'm so late on everything, thanks @Videostatic for considering my Halsey video one of the best of September! https://t.co/gi5P8tpjdC 1 day 2 hours ago

BOOKED: Shinedown - Cat Solen, director

  • artist: Shinedown
  • song: "What A Shame"
  • label: Atlantic
  • director(s): Cat Solen
  • production co: Partizan

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