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WATCH IT: My Chemical Romance "Na Na Na" (Gerard Way + Roboshobo, dir.)

My Chemical Romance "Na Na Na" delivers on exactly what was hinted at in the trailer: A freewheeling psycho-comic-punk collision of pulp science fiction in the vein of Buckaroo Banzai, Tank Girl, The Road Warrior. Co-directors Roboshobo and band frontman Gerard Way pile up quickcut references that should keep fans plenty busy while waiting/hoping that a sequel is in the offing. --> watch "Na Na Na"

My Chemical Romance "Na Na Na" (Warner Bros.)
Gerard Way & Roboshobo, director | Lawrence Lewis, Kelly Norris Sarno, Cory Desrosiers, producers | Symphony 19, production co | Doomsday Ent, rep | Larkin Seiple + Nate Weaver, DP | Jarrett Fijal, editor | Roboshobo + Dot and Effects, fx | Jason Fijal, production designer

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