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WATCH IT: Saigon "Greatest Story Never Told" (Derek Pike, dir.)

Saigon's distinction as the "Greatest Story Never Told" will finally get resolved with this year's release official debut album. This video capures the rapper many physical and philosophical miles away from the Entourage episodes where he first gained mainstream notice: Director Derek Pike shows Saigon proudly cruising through the grittier parts of his NYC hometown and laying it down in the studio with producer, Just Blaze. --> watch "Greatest Story Never Told" (mtvu/jams/mtv2 premiere)

Saigon "Greatest Story Never Told" (Suburban Noize)
Derek Pike, director 


Jo Lamb's picture
what production company is derek signed to? i like this video alot
Steven Gottlieb's picture
Derek is good... Hit him up direct: <a href="http://derekpike.com" rel="nofollow">http://derekpike.com</a>
Jo Lamb's picture
wow looks like hes quite the up and comer....by the way love your site Steve!

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