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WATCH IT: TV On The Radio "Nine Types Of Light" (various dir.)

A video for each track off new album Nine Types Of Light, connected together and available online as a sort of TV On The Radio movie. Each clip boasts a different director with TVOTR singer Tunde Adebimpe serving as an executive director of sorts, stitching them together with connective tissue that includes clips with seemingly random NY'ers. Adebimpe and TVOTR were directly involved in several of the videos, collaborating with a director pools that veered from friends to filmmakers they admired.

Directors for Nine Types Of Light:

  • Tim Nackashi — "Caffeinated Consciousness"
  • Michael Please — "Second Song"
  • Maya Erdelyi — "New Cannonball Blues"
  • Jon Moritsugu & Amy Davis — "No Future Shock"
  • Johnerick Lawson — "Repetition"
  • Dugan O'Neal — "Will Do"
  • Petro — "Keep Your Heart"
  • Tunde Adebimpe — "Forgotten"
  • TV On The Radio & Dano Cerny — "Killer Crane"
  • Barney Clay — "You"
  • Tim Nackashi, Tunde Adebimpe & Jaleel Bunton — "Dragon Backwards"

--> watch Nine Types Of Light, plus a NY Times interview w/ TVOTR about it

TV On The Radio "Nine Types Of Light" (Interscope)
Tunde Adebimpe, director| Matthew Amonson, editor | Michelle An, commissioner | see above list for individual clip directors

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