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WATCH IT: Real Estate "Easy" (Tom Scharpling, dir.)

Only an indie rock steet team would get to the brink of every promohound's ultimate fantasy — Hang The DJ, anyone? — and suddenly get hit with a wave of consciousness. Indie/comedic mastermind Tom Scharpling directs comedian Chris Gethard, Videogum.com senior editor Gabe Delahaye, actress Leah Giblin as the interpid Real Estate street team and SiriusXM DJ Jake Folgenest who cannot be bribed by drugs or money, but can be easily abducted. --> watch "Easy

Real Estate "Easy" (Domino)
Tom Scharpling, director/writer | Robert Hatch-Miller, Puloma Basu, producer/editor | Production Company Productions, production co | Paul Yee, DP 

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