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WATCH IT: The Shoes "Time To Dance" (Daniel Wolfe, dir.)

This shouldn't be a music video. It should be the template for a Friday The 13th reboot. Instead of a hockey mask, it's a Fencing helmet and the weapon of choice is a matching sword, of course. And since the idea of teens drinking beer and having sex while at summer camp has little resonance nowadays, the victims are now ravers and other drug/EDM fans. Playing the role of Jason Voorhees is Jake Gyllenhal.


It's eight minutes long, there's lots of blood, Gyllenhaal absolutely kills (sorry) in this performance, and it's one of the more unapologetic videos you've seen since "Smack My Bitch Up." --> watch "Time To Dance"

The Shoes "Time To Dance" (Green United Music)
Daniel Wolfe, director | Lee Groombridge, Dougal Meese, producers | Somesuch & Co, production co | Robbie Ryan, DP | Tom Lindsay @ Trim, editor | Simon Bourne @ Framestore, telecine | Tim Nash, Sally Campbell, exec. producers | Pierre Le Ny, commissioner


noah's picture
Love this video. This is Jake telling Michael Fassbender, "Yeah i could've done Shame".

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