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Movie Stars In Music Videos

There's a Reuters article making the rounds about A-List actors in unexpected video roles, pinging most directly off Shia LeBeouf in that new Sigur Ros video and Jake Gyllenhaal's maniacal turn in The Shoes "Time To Dance." A more fun read is MTV's James Montgomery on the same topic last month, but both articles got me to thinking about:

5 Random Celebrity Music Video Appearances
(note: without any repeats from either of the two articles above)

Jake Gyllenhaal and RZA playing tennis in Vampire Weekend "Giving Up The Gun" — Weird, on every level.

Jon Hamm with a puppet in Herman Dune "Tell Me Something" - Also weird on every level.

Johnny Depp and Natalie Portman in Paul McCartney "My Valentine"  — Not weird/random really, but a good reminder that Macca can one-up everybody else.

Ben Kingsley lipsyncing Minor Threat "Minor Threat"  - Not really a music video, but how can you not love Gandhi ripping into a harcore anthem?

Leonard Nimoy in Bruno Mars "The Lazy Song" - I don't think this is so weird, actually, since I think this is what Spock usually does every day.

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