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WATCH IT: Justin Bieber "As Long As You Love Me" (Anthony Mandler, dir.)

When news outlets report on the release of the teaser for a music video — it's clear the artist is on a hot streak. Every move the Biebs makes these days attracts major attention, and getting beaten to a pulp by one of the Vega brothers is the next step in world domination by Canada's Mini-Elvis. 

As in his last video, Bieber is still pushing classic Detroit steel (this time a bad-ass Charger) and is one scorpion jacket short of going the full Gosling as he drives through nocturnal L.A. on the lookout for gangsters and the delicate girl with a heart of gold.  There are also echoes of the classic R Kelly versus Mr. Biggs drama — and Justin sacrifices his face to show the young lady just how much she means to him. What girl can resist that? [written by Doug Stern] --> watch "As Long As You Love Me"

Justin Bieber "As Long As You Love Me" (Island/IDJMG)
Anthony Mandler, director | Black Hand Cinema, production co | Christine Cobb, producer | David Devlin, DP | Jacquelyn London @ Bonch, editor | CO3, colorist | Skulley FX, effects | Heather Heller, exec producer 

Doug Stern writes things, especially treatments for commercial and music videos.



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