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WATCH IT: Flying Lotus "Tiny Tortures" (David Lewandowski, dir.)

Elijah Wood convalesces in bed with a bandaged stump in the place of  his right arm. Maybe it's magic, or the meds, but his room slowly comes alive to first create a bionic replacement and then transport him to a fractal fantasy where his limb fully regenerates. It's a dream, of course — maybe the result of watching Akira too often —  but he does wake up to a change in his condition that proves that something happened in his fugue state. --> watch "Tiny Tortures"

Flying Lotus "Tiny Tortures" (Warp)
David Lewandowski, director | Christian Heuer, producer | Pulse Films UK, production co | Christian Sprenger, DP | Dustin Bowser, vfx supervisor |Alex Delgado, production designer | Laura Tunstall, exec. producer

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