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WATCH IT: M83 "Wait" (Fleur & Manu, dir.)

"Wait" feels like a perfect video in our final pre-apocalyptic days (or can I stop worrying?) ending M83 and directing team Fleur & Manu' trilogy about magical kids on a gracefully epic note.

Fleur & Manu, directors: " 'Wait is' the final episode of the trilogy. The end point of this great visual collaboration that has been ongoing with M83 throughout 2012. We felt it was important to re-connect with a meaningful subject that would have an echo in today's world. The promise of a new cycle, seen through the kid's eyes." 

--> watch "Wait"

M83 "Wait" (Mute)
Fleur & Manu, director | Division, production co | John Moule, commisioner 

Tags: Division, Mute

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