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Christopher Arcella

Bridges and Powerlines "National Fantasy" (Christopher Arcella, dir.)

Bridges and Powerlines’ “National Fantasy” is about the individual (and collective) search for meaning and home. It’s an ode to the dirt road each of us knows all too well, that journey of life that eventually finds friendly faces and familiar places changing. You can’t stop change; you can’t turn back time.

“National Fantasy” depicts a bearded traveler on a quest for direction. He returns to a place that looks like home, but it isn’t really a home anymore, and he moves on.

FLAUNT featuring Justin Jennings "Codon" (Christopher Arcella, dir.)

The song by FLAUNT featuring Justin Jennings of Anticodon Records provides the soundtrack to a young man's pivotal journey through the desert. Ravin (Lance Thomas), wakes up alone by the fire pit where he drank with his friends the night before. Confused and dehydrated, the desert reveals the true nature of his abandonment forcing him to come to terms with his illusions.

FLAUNT f/ Justin Jennings "Dipped in Ecstasy (remix)" (Christopher Arcella, dir.)

A dancer (played by Daniel Ching) searches for inspiration after a mental block deflates his downrocking, leaving him flat on his back. A soccer player (played by Christopher Arcella) performs a hypnotic stream of rhythmic stepovers that the Dancer translates into his own language without the ball. The dialogue continues until the Dancer has developed a completely new style that reinvigorates his passion.