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Ciro Ayala

Universal You "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" (Ciro Ayala, dir.)

It's hot, it's sexy, it's pretty much 007! Watch Now the Official Music Video for Universal You's new single: "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You", cover of a classic Led Zeppelin track! Directed by Ciro Ayala, and produced by Provoke Films. 

Universal You give special thanks to Venus Kuo for her performance in this video.

Available to download on iTunes individually or as part of the Universal You "Perfect" 5 Track EP. https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/perfect-ep/id1100855664

4 Strings & Carol Lee "Emotions Away" (Ciro Ayala, dir.)

What more is there to say about Trance superstar 4 Strings? Hit after hit launches from the 4 String studio with his most recent 'Illumina' smashing the Beatport Trance chart firmly placed at number 2. Next up is a vocal collaboration with one of our favourites, the ever talented Carol Lee in 'Emotions Away'. This one has feeling, energy and a classic Trance atmosphere, and Check Out the New Music Video as well! Enjoy and PLAY LOUD! Directed by Ciro Ayala Animators: Claire Lai and Cyrus Wang Produced by PROVOKE FILMS for RAZ NITZAN MUSIC | 2016

Ryan Little "Jesus Is Mine" (Ciro Ayala, dir.) NSFW

Liten to "Ryan Little - Jesus is Mine" at https://www.jamendo.com/pl/track/1231046/12-jesus-is-mine-bonus-track

Written and Directed by CIЯO | Executive Producer: LIU MING FEI | Cinematography by CAESAR LEE | Edited by CYRUS WANG | Fashion Art and Design by JEAN-LUC FORTIER | Fashion Model: NIU NIU | a VOKEMODELS production | Distributed by PROVOKE FILMS | Japan - 2015

Best Of Female Vocals - Trip Hop Nation Friends [2015 SPECIAL EDITION] (Ciro Ayala, dir.)

This video is based upon shortened version of the full audio mix "Best Of Female Vocals: THN Friends" by DJ Paul Cheeba, which is available for listening and free download at Trip Hop Nation Soundcloud channel (https://soundcloud.com/trip-hop-natio...). This short version of the mix audio was prepared by Sergey Vatkin (Trip Hop Nation). ================

Black Era "BARK" (Ciro Ayala, dir.)

Created jointly by Provoke Films and VokeModels, "BLACK ERA - BARK" is an anti-war fashion film and music video, first published EXCLUSIVELY on Trip Hop Nation channel (Kiev).  Directed by Ciro Ayala | Produced by Luis P.S. Liu and Ciro Ayala | Executive Producer: Liu Ming Fei | Fashion Models: Greenia Wang and Mandy Zhang | Cinematography by Caesar Lee | Edited by Cyrus Wang | Visual Effects by Provoke Films - Japan | MakeUp and Style by Kimi Pan | Wardrobe courtesy of Issey Miyake | a Provoke Films and VokeModels production | 2015




Moondy "Boo" (Ciro Ayala, dir.)

Moondy’s “Boo” continues to gain views – if you haven’t seen it yet, give it a watch!

The art direction, provided by Ciro Ayala of Provoke Films, is truly unique and is recommended for fans of Army of Darkness and other classic horror/action flicks.

Directed by Ciro Ayala - Executive producer: Liu Ming Fei - Animation: Cyrus Wang - AD: Rachel Alset and Sabrina Chen - Provoke Films, Japan 2014