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Lucid Media

Lanette Phillips Mgmt

NEWS: Lanette Phillips Becomes Mighty 8

Executive Producer Lanette Phillips has announced the launch of her new music video company Mighty 8, in partnership with production companies Hydraulx Filmz and Paydirt.

The Mighty 8 roster includes directors Josh Forbes, KROZM, Lorenzo Fonda, Moh Azima, The Brothers Strause and renowned DP Shawn Kim . Select credits are listed after the jump.

Video clips can be found at Mighty8.tv

Josh Forbes, director

  • The Fray "You Found Me"
  • Sara Bareilles "Love Song"

KROZM, directors

IN DEPTH: Jakob Dylan "Something Good This Way Comes"

This optimistic acoustic gem from Jakob Dylan serves as the perfect soundtrack to this meditative video about the underlying similarities in everyplace, everything and everyone. In this case, it's an unyielding and fixed horizon — be it natural, or artificial — forming a surprisingly straight horizontal line running through every shot captured in this ten day journey through America.

BOOKED: Scars On Broadway - Joel Schumacher, director

To be directed by Joel Schumacher, a feature director whose credits include The Lost Boys, Batman Forever, Flatliners and St. Elmo's Fire. Schumacher previously directed the Bush clip "Letting The Cables Sleep" plus music video tie-ins for his Batman movies, including Seal "A Kiss From A Rose."

artist: Scars On Broadway song: "World Long Gone" label: Interscope  director(s): Joel Schumacher  production co: Alturas Films  rep: Lanette Phillips Management