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WATCH IT: Jay-Z + Kanye West "Otis" (Spike Jonze, dir.)

Jay-Z and Kanye West and director Spike Jonze make it look easier, more effortless than it could possibly be in this first video off Watch The Throne. A huge, faded American flag as a backdrop, a customized car that's cooler than anything you've seen on Pimp My Ride — I like to think the initial chainsaw/blowtorch shot here is a nod to "Close To The Edit", but I often like to make that connection —  plus some pyrotechnics and other tomfoolery. All for a cause, by the way: The video's vehicle will be auctioned, with proceeds going toward victims of the East African Drought.

WATCH IT: Arcade Fire "The Suburbs" (Spike Jonze, dir.)

Suburban teenage life during wartime can be just as dull or eventful as it would be in any other Suburbs.

A group of teens go about about ordinary lives in this ambiguous Arcade Fire video directed by Spike Jonze, but the presence of martial law quickly gets more prominent and intrusive. Tensions build and the clip ends with one of the boys turning on another in a flurry of violence. The climactic beatdown must be the result of a betrayal, but it's unclear whether it was related to the armed authorities, or if it's all just about a girl. Or nothing at all. --> watch "The Suburbs"

WATCH IT: MGMT "Congratulations" (Tom Kuntz, dir.)

Is it a metaphor for persistence, or did MGMT just want to wander the desert with a bizarre creature that keeps breaking apart? Either way: It's beautiful, sad and strangely perfect for the tune. --> watch "Congratulations"

MGMT "Congratulations" (Columbia)Tom Kuntz, director | MJZ, production co | Labuda Management, rep | Wyatt Troll, DP | Bryan Younce, commissioner

NEWS: Paranoid Signs Olivier Gondry

Director Olivier Gondry — younger brother of Michel Gondry — has signed with production company Paranoid. Olivier's video credits include:

Olivier Gondry and the rest of the Paranoid roster are repped by Verenne Ferrari of Duty Free, who also reps the following:MJZ: Spike Jonze, Tom Kuntz, Frederik Bond, Marcus Nispel, Phil JoanouPartizan: Philip AndelmanThomas & Thomas: Kevin Thomas

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