@jus10p My kid just made me sit through the #BrunoMars Uptown Funk video. Song is good but the video is amateur at best. A real miss. 1 day 16 hours ago
@JosephKahn Remember how you feel right now when you watch STAR WARS trailer. It will be 1/10th of how you feel when you see my #PancakeCommercial. 1 day 21 hours ago
@iamdiddy Attention world! Meet the newest member of my family JoJo!!!!! Some people like carrots some people… https://t.co/bV7ieUGNJ4 1 day 17 hours ago
@jus10p @ENews @melaniebromley so exciting! Finally a baby being born in this world. It's going to be so much more special than anyone baby. 1 day 22 hours ago
@jus10p RT @wsl: .@gabriel1medina named one of @TIME Magazine's 100 Most Influential People: http://t.co/CZTcq8G2Le http://t.co/0uuXQaxbbx 1 day 3 hours ago
@Videostatic Owen Pallett "The Sky Behind The Flag" (Eno Swinnen, dir.) http://t.co/58xZhzRle8 1 day 5 hours ago
@jus10p @LakersTV @LakersReporter did he vomit while doing it? 1 day 22 hours ago
@Videostatic Katy Tiz "Whistle (While You Work It)" (Syndrome, dir.) http://t.co/nkCsb0J3ZA 19 hours 31 min ago
@jus10p @TMZ he should. His career is all down hill from here. Got to have talent to stick around. 1 day 15 hours ago
@jus10p @rocdomz Unleash the dragon is hands down the greatest music video of all time: https://t.co/jezUIBkFpM 1 day 23 hours ago
@Videostatic Rihanna "American Oxygen" (Darren Craig, Jonathan Craven, Jeff Nicholas, dir.) http://t.co/oNVF6CwHIP 1 day 5 hours ago