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@Videostatic RT @VICE: Spike Jonze explains how he got his start making skate videos on tonight's new episode of 'EPICLY LATER'D': https://t.co/05rKB7781 day 1 hour ago
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Messe Kopp "Forward"

Not sure this is exactly a 'music video,' but it sure is getting all kinds of attention and accruing much viralosity — clearly from people who have never see The Pharcyde and director Spike Jonze's influential 'Drop.' Surely there is some adorable panda video we can all make viral instead, and at least that won't have this brain-melting techno squiggle track.

Recommended viewing: Drop and the re-reversed version as well. Long live the 'Cyde!

Doug Stern also writes music video treatments frontwards and backwards.


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