@questlove RT @charlesthorp: The best reaction from mystery dress @Questlove posted. (I see white & gold, not blue & black) wreckingmarriages http://t… 7 hours 28 min ago
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@questlove RT @Jeremy_Rowley: The cops who saw Blue & Black shot #TheDress & the cops who saw White & Gold let it off with a warning. 2 hours 50 min ago
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@JosephKahn I'm a filmmaker who plows all his money into his films vs entities worth billions. Going legal is not really a fair fight for me. 13 hours 18 min ago
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@jus10p I didn't choose the breast feeding life. The breast feeding life chose me. 1 day 5 hours ago

Alicia Keys f/ Maxwell "Fire We Make" (Chris Robinson, dir.)

Alicia Keys has fire on her mind lately — from 'Girl on Fire' to her newest clip, "The Fire We Make.'" Director Chris Robinson takes Alicia and co-star Maxwell to the original home of things getting heated: New Orleans. A grand Garden District home is the world most stylish boarding house. Maxwell and Alicia provide the world's sultriest in-lobby entertainment, you won't find anything that hot on Travelocity.

Doug Stern also writes music video treatments and cooks them in a pot like gumbo.

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