@katyperry @thegrandegay LOVE ARI. We tight. That has always been fake news baby. Live and learn. 15 hours 32 min ago
@katyperry @johnlordperry shit I fell for it again troll! 3 hours 41 min ago
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@ROMAIN_GAVRAS I guess it rains down in Africa 16 hours 23 min ago
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@dougstern This place might be the all time winner for ‘restaurants you will never, ever be able to find via Google search. https://t.co/NzHeI6DYva 20 hours 37 sec ago
@katyperry No way! What is the green stuff and do we eat it or smoke it ‍♀️ https://t.co/xBhUDOaO6C 3 hours 37 min ago

Alicia Keys "New Day" (Indrani, dir.)

New Day, new month, new video from Alicia Keys, directed by world famous fashion photographer turned video director Indrani. The video is off her latest album, Girl on Fire, and features footage from a previously recorded iTunes performance.

Production Company
Director of Photography
Executive Producer
GK Reid, Production Designer
Ralph Miccio, Post-production Supervisor

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