@JosephKahn Paid with Chinese steel LOL 22 hours 22 min ago
@davidguetta Crazy solo show tonight in Düsseldorf . Thank you germany!!!! https://t.co/34036ZKpRl 1 hour 23 min ago
@JosephKahn Trump: The element of surprise. Osama Bin Laden. Emperor Hirohito. Hilter. 22 hours 13 min ago
@dougstern Right now, the world's worst drivers are slowing to 3mph to fitfully turn into 7Eleven parking lots all across the planet. 3 hours 35 min ago
@markromanek RT @HillaryClinton: In 2011, Hillary advised @POTUS on the mission to take out bin Laden. Trump was on the Apprentice. https://t.co/4GkCy4c19 hours 3 min ago
@MuraiHiro RT @BigGrizzLaFlare: Coming down the street with the gang like #atlantaFx https://t.co/rqmo964mna 1 day 20 hours ago
@dougstern He is so grimy. And dumb. 22 hours 16 min ago
@katyperry RT @sallykohn: "You are the most dangerous person to run for president in history." - @HillaryClinton quoting @BernieSanders #debatenight22 hours 6 min ago
@dougstern Trump's "Mellow-nator" medication cocktail is working well right now. When does Bannon hit the remote that feeds him straight adrenaline? 23 hours 16 min ago
@JosephKahn Trump: I was in Haiti (Florida). 22 hours 25 min ago
@markromanek RT @RollingStone: Hear David Bowie's cathartic new song "When I Met You" https://t.co/dSiyQ1piso https://t.co/cXykRVEbJt 1 day 18 hours ago
@JosephKahn Trump hair styled by undocumented Trump employee. Hillary styled by fabulous gay Mexican stylist. https://t.co/jQg45p4dTO 23 hours 31 sec ago
@katyperry @shannonwoodward he didn't go down to the people 21 hours 47 min ago
@JosephKahn Holy fuck Hillary is slapping Trump around. He needs to file assault charges. #MensRights 22 hours 54 min ago
@JosephKahn I am going to release @bodiedmovie on my Yahoo! GeoCities page. 3 hours 42 min ago
@markromanek RT @MrGeorgeWallace: Hello 9-1-1, Donald Trump is putting his nasty ass Tic Tac mouth on black Annie! https://t.co/OZXZ013lxb 1 day 19 hours ago
Lucid Media

Beyonce "Flawless" (Jake Nava, dir.)

Can the anger be traced to losing on Star Search to a bunch of dweebs named Sketelon Crew? Or, to phrase it another way: Did Ed McMahon hurt Beyonce?

Two vintage Star Search clips with Beyonce bookend this rough and tumble video homage to Grunge (complete with moshing and flannel).


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