@Videostatic RT @chris_milk: Wired: Chris Milk and Aaron Koblin Give VR Movies Their First Superstudio http://t.co/vLNMjjyvMF via @WIRED 1 day 2 hours ago
@JosephKahn Does Kanye actually have a fanbase? Or is his demo just a bunch of white male critics writing essays about him? 9 hours 41 min ago
@jus10p @Tina_Macica @mikejstanley @Venice311 my guess is a huge supply of high potency weed was shipped into Venice. So they were celebrating. 1 day 14 hours ago
@taylorswift13 RT @johnlegend: @taylorswift13 Thanks for having me! That was fun! 1 day 3 hours ago
@JosephKahn One of my favorite videos I've done - @kylieminogue ALL THE LOVERS - shot on a $2500 Canon 5D. https://t.co/VlFPz4AC5K 1 day 45 min ago
@questlove #AllJacksonEverything in honor of #MJs 57th anniversary. Thursday Aug 27th come to @BrooklynBowl for… https://t.co/pYaL3IKH3c 16 hours 27 min ago
@JosephKahn That's not just guns: it's bigger. That's a man who first targeted a woman and felt entitled to take her life. 1 day 3 hours ago
@iamdiddy ATTN! Want to learn how to make MILLIONS without a record deal? Watch this & get your tix at http://t.co/eDizyrpzga! http://t.co/6Im6kXrDYA 3 hours 48 min ago
@dougstern for @klchell - Gardner Junction Is Hollywood's Blast to the City's Railroad Past http://t.co/73Eli5dkHQ via @eaterla 1 day 2 hours ago
@JosephKahn Watched my Perfume director's cut again for the first time in ages. Yup, it's awesome. Oh well. 1 day 23 hours ago
@JamieKRab RT @kanyewest: The Weeknd is one of my favorite artists and I was really excited to get to work with him on this song. https://t.co/xICoiWy1 day 23 hours ago
@jus10p @JaimeReznick @Venice311 it is. I went out my front door and watched them. Really great show but for what? 1 day 14 hours ago
@Videostatic Web (and non-Web) celebs a'plenty in @oliviasomerlyn lyric video for "OXO" http://t.co/phA6sjtsYj http://t.co/acah3ra4Zm 1 hour 47 min ago
@JosephKahn Was gonna get Mercedes S550 but got Tesla 90D instead. So yeah, car companies will lose douchebag money if they don't go electric. 20 hours 36 min ago
@questlove RT @gaffiganshow: The supremely talented @questlove!! #gaffiganshow We're getting this food material thing a lot huh? http://t.co/ncVCVJIv9M 15 hours 20 min ago
@jus10p @JaimeReznick @Venice311 I wonder if the Kardashians gave Thing One and Thing Two (Jenner girls) sparklers to hold? 1 day 4 hours ago

Katy Perry "Birthday" (Marc Klasfeld & Danny Lockwood, dir.)

If this music biz thing doesn't work out for Katy Perry, I'd say she could probably made a decent living by performing at birthday parties — so long as she doesn't use this video as her work reel. The video for "Birthday" operates in the tradition of Bad Grandpa and Punked, with Katy in serious disguise as horribly incompentent birthday entertainers. We get the animal expert who likes to eat mice and let the animals crap all around the kids, an elderly stripper who makes Robin Byrd look hot, a Bar Mitzvah comic who makes Bruce Vilanch seem cutting edge (I kid), and much more.

And lest you're worried that Katy ruined all these parties, I'm sure they're more than thrilled to be involved in what's likely to be a smash... and those kids with the awful facepaintings don't seem so annoyed when she reveals her true identity.

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