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Ben Bostick "The Juggler" (Joe Dietsch, dir.)

Official video for "The Juggler" off of Ben Bostick's eponymous album to release on July 7, 2017. Co-produced with John Would (Warren Zevon, Fiona Apple), the 10-song LP is all original music written by Bostick.  

Beaufort, South Carolina-raised, now California-based, Ben Bostick is a rising country/Americana artist that roots music fans will be hearing more about. The country music blog, Jolene, has claimed, “He’s the closest thing to a sure bet that I’ve seen in a new artist in recent times...” His deep baritone voice has often been compared to outlaw country’s Waylon Jennings and Americana music fan favorite, Sturgill Simpson.

“The Juggler” takes a lighter turn with a story of a ridiculous self-pitying Lothario who tries to juggle three lovers.  “It’s a favorite at live shows,” said Bostick, humorously adding, “My girlfriend would like you to know that it’s not autobiographical.” 


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