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Explodicity "Getting Started" (Billy Musiko Perez, dir.)

Melody and Elioenai Toscano make up 'Explodicity.' The sisters have been singing, performing, and composing original works of art for as long as they can remember. The bilingual sisters are full-time students at Full Sail University and are originally from Chicago, Illinois. Explodicity has a unique style of music that can be described as a hybrid of both Latin Pop and Electronic music. Melody and Elioenai got their real love of music in 2006 when they both made their first grand appearance at The International Jazz Festival of Montreal, Canada with Sonny LaRosa and America’s Youngest Jazz Band. The sisters have been featured on ‘The Ambassador of Jazz Documentary’, newspapers and news stations. Now, the sisters are about to release their very first album entitled ‘Getting Started.’ Their first album is full of positive and Christian messages, originality, contagious melody lines, and unique hooks. The sisters made their album in hopes of inspiring the world with their positive music and wrote their lyrics to target today’s youth. Explodicity wants to be an inspiration to those who want to accomplish much in their lives. Apart from their love of music, the sisters both teach martial arts and are working towards attaining their 2nd-degree Black-Belt in Karate. In the future, the sisters see themselves performing for larger stage venues, connecting with a Major Label, and aspire to make it into the sports music industry


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